Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WAR Reboot - Setup and Goals

So I've started up another character in Tier 1. I realized very, very quickly that everything that a low level character does to get money ends up getting experience as well. I want to be able to level up a character and maximize the renown I have when I hit R40. I'd like to be RR70 or better when I hit R40.

So to get money, I rolled an alt with the sole purpose of farming me up gold for my main to use. The character is a butcher since it's a good source of NPC cash. I really don't want to be fooling around with the AH in Tier 1. Maybe I'll get into it a little later, but I figure most players don't go into WAR looking to play the AH for riches any more.

I was able to luck into someone offering some gold for people willing to help form a guild, so that was an easy 16g for me. That should get me through Tier 1 easily. I won't have a lot of potions or the best talismans, but it'll be good enough for now. I also had someone give me some talismans because his inventory was overflowing. (You rock dude if you're reading this.)

I spent a lot of time working the Elf and Dwarf Tier 1 zones. You'd think it'd be dead, but there's a surprising number of people fighting out there. I find the smaller skirmishes a lot more enjoyable (and rewarding) than the ZvZ (zerg vs zerg) in Nordland.

I'm doing ok so far in my goal being R9/RR16. It kills me that I can't really do scenarios, or I'll level out of the Tier way too fast. Hopefully the xp reduction for scenarios in 1.4.4 will allow me to hit T4 with a non-crap weapon and the RR I want. I'll be able to figure that out quickly enough once I do a couple.

This process would be a lot different if I were using a trial account instead of my main account, and I may just try that a little bit. I don't want to end up with too much rested xp though. The xp cap for Tier 1 would actually be helpful if you can get RR20 under the trial. Please leave a comment if I'm wrong about that so I can fix it.

Next time, I'll post the plan I've been using so long as it's still successful. And I'll also include a plan for trial players about how to use the xp cap to their advantage as long as you can actually get RR20 on trial.

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  1. Woah! Favourite WAR blogger is back.

    I can't remember if the rr cap for trials is 20 but it should be easy to test. Good idea on the farming alt but you should also consider cultivation and the MiracleGrowRemix addon for your main. No xp for growing herbs and the r200 goldweed will definitely sell (use an AH addon like Shinies to manage pricing etc).