Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Where I've Been Lately

Frankly, I've been getting bored with WAR lately. I've played for 2 years, which is my boredom point in just about anything I do. So I'm taking a little break. I've been having some real life stuff cutting into my gaming time anyway. A lot of my guild has been getting bored as well making it difficult to form groups. The recent WP/DoK change drove away a lot of our healers. For the record, I think the change is fine, but that's easy to say when you don't play one all the time.

I've played in the two Rift betas since picking up a VIP key some time ago. While I cannot go into much detail since NDA still applies, I'm impressed at how polished it is. The biggest thing about the game, as stated in the most recent video on the game's site, is that it works. I hope it becomes my PvE fix that I can't really get from WAR. My entrance into the MMO scene was Final Fantasy XI, which was heavily story driven with virtually non-existant PvP. That epic story just doesn't come through in WAR at all.

I've been spending way too much gaming anyway, and my body is letting me know that recently. I've been exhausted lately, so I'm taking some time to rest myself. I'll still keep my WAR sub up though, I just won't be playing anywhere near as much as before. I need to take better care of myself anyway.

I still want to do more with WAR. I enjoy the epic battles that erupt from time to time. I like the game. I want it to succeed. It's tough with a guild that's been losing players. I've got my eye on Rift. Rift is still a wait and see thing for me, but I like what I've seen so far.