Monday, June 3, 2013

Dawngate - Because Supports Need Love Too!

Ever play a MOBA as a support? Let me tell you, it sucks.

"Hey! Go buy wards!"

"Hey! Go buy smokes!"

"Hey! Get a gem!" (Or Oracle's for you League fans)

"Hey! Why did you buy damage? OMG fail support!"

And the list goes on and on.

You proceed to be a slave to your master carries. They can't ward their lane because they "need the money for items." They can't watch the mini-map because they'll "miss last hits." You have to sacrifice your life for your carries because "their life is more important" and they "don't want to lose out on farm." All the while they're swimming in gold like in Scrooge McDuck's money vault while you can't rub 2 bits together to call someone who cares.

It's not their fault they treat you like dirt. It's just how the game is most efficiently played. And you realize this, so you don't say anything about it.

What if someone actually did do something about it?

What if a well played support could be the highest farm in the game?

What if a support could afford to buy enough items to not die when someone looks at them funny?

What if the support didn't have to buy everyone's wards?

What if a developer finally realized that no one likes being everyone else's slave "for the good of the team"?

Would you play that game?

I would.

Enter Dawngate, by Waystone Games.

Waystone took the things that sucked about being a support, and did away with them.

Support buys wards for everyone? Nope. No one buys wards, because buying wards sucks. Everyone gets a ward to place on a 3 minute timer. If the carry doesn't ward his lane, it's his fault, not yours.

Support gets screwed on farm while the carries swim in gold? Not here. In addition to the normal passive vim (gold in Dawngate), Tacticians (the support role in Dawngate) gain bonus vim every time a lane minion dies near them and more bonus vim for harassing enemy Shapers (hero/champion). Not only that, there's income from Spirit Wells, which are resource nodes that give vim to the team over time.

Wow, so you mean I can actually buy my own items as a support to actually contribute to the team fight? Yup. I know, it's a radical concept apparently.

Where do I sign up?

Dawngate. Treating supports like people since 2013.