Monday, September 13, 2010

My New 1.3.6. Build Revisited

So I tried my original plan again. Here's the results. I also changed my UI around a bit. My old one was just awful.

Shhh! Just don't tell Nate about this! Keep this between us ok?

EDIT: So apparently Nate found out about it and this has been fixed for 1.4. Sorry gang!


  1. Glad you finally went to Yak. Good choice.

  2. Much better than what you had before anyway. :>

  3. If it does get fixed, we'll know that Nate knows how to use the internet.

    The age-old argument about Ether Dance and Dazzling Strike raises it's ugly head again when you realise that Dazzling Strike can benefit just as much from Sudden Shift as Ether Dance can.

    In theory, you can get many, many Dazzling Strikes in those 10 seconds of Whispering Winds.

    There are other points to consider:

    1. The AP efficiency of Ether Dance to Dazzling Strike becomes a moot point during those 10 seconds as no AP is being used.

    2. The fact that Dazzling Strike is not channeled may even let you add Ensorcelled Blow back into those 10 seconds.

    3. You can save 3 mastery points by not gettin Ether Dance (though you'd probably be spending it strengthening Dazzling Strike).

    How would Taunt, WW, SS, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS compare to this spec?

    What about Taunt, WW, EB, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS, SS, SS, DS?

  4. Yeah, Hoeth/Khaine is my current build. Max Hoeth with WW, and GWM and BA in Khaine. I spent all renown points into Str, Melee Crit, and Auto Attack Dmg. I use GWM, BA, FO, and EA. This is something what I think.

    Compared to Khaine/Hoeth,

    - AP management
    - Too much buttons to press (It gets ugly if there is a server lag)
    - The total damage over time is lower

    - Group utility with WW
    - Dmg Spike is high. Unlike ED, your auto attack comes into play as you are spamming DS

    To sum up, your total damage goes down, and it is sometimes hindersome to pull off your main moves. However, you have WW and your dmg spike is very high (normal attack+DS). You will see more death blows with this build. Overall, it is a very solid build and I really like it. It feels like you are actually wielding a great weapon and reminds me of an armsman in DAoC. =)

  5. EB, WoH, WW, Taunt, repeat(SS, SS, DS)
    This is my usually rotation. And now I am trying to somehow fit BS in this rotation to add extra dmg spike.

  6. In a team environment, the deathblow is always up for grabs. It really doesn't matter who gets it as long as the target dies.

    For overall DoT of the builds, it's easy to do the math to compare. During WW, you can fire off 2 EDs or 4 DSs and 2 AAs reliably. With a 60% crit rate, you get either 6 crit ED ticks or 4 crits (will adjust the final number to account for the extra 6% crit) between DS and AA. I'll give 3 crits to DS and 1 to AA.

    ED - 6 x 1000 + 4 x 600 = 8400 damage + procs
    DS - 3 x 1800 + 1200 + 1200 + 800 = 8600 damage + procs

    I gave the DS version a 6% crit edge so I could do the math, so I have to remove 3% to make the numbers even so it's 8342 damage at 60% crit rate. It's basically the same, but the ED has a better chance of triggering procs and BS since it's more hits.