Thursday, September 9, 2010

First Night of 1v1s

I decided to take part in the Thursday night duels that happen on Volkmar today. I watched more fights that I took part in. I did 14 matches and went 6-6-2. On one of the losses, my opponent dropped from my DoTs on him after I died.

I went with 6 Defensive Sovereign and 3 Warlord with 2 pieces of regen jewelry, basically my PvE set of gear. I used a variation of my full support spec taking Sapping Strike, Lingering Intimidation, Whispering Wind and Blessing of Heaven. My overall plan was to use Whispering Wind to allow me to spam Sapping Strike and Intimidating Blow. This would deny my opponent AP regeneration and completely prevent my opponent from ever getting to morale 1. Lingering Intimidation stopped my opponent from scoring critical hits. I had 400 HP/4s regen. Dazzling Strike would provide the bulk of my DPS.

I played too defensively. Next time I'll try to bring more damage. I think if I use a more aggressive spec I might do a bit better. I don't think my gear was as much of an issue as my lack of damage. Maybe I'll use my DPS/Knockdown hybrid.

Maybe some more experienced duelers can help me out.

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