Sunday, September 12, 2010

Explanation of My Newer 1.3.6. Build

This is the promised explanation video for my newer 1.3.6 build. It isn't the greatest quality video out there, but it gets the message across.


  1. It would be easier to timestamp your combat log and check it to see how long it takes to kill a target than checking the fraps. :D

    Anyway, I was wondering, is DI physical damage (I remember it being)? I know it scales with mastery points but it doesn't scale with str, does it? Dunno, I would prefer PE in an ED build because you're getting a lot more hits with ED up, more blade procs and more PE ticks. And would take EA over DI, cause EA is spirit damage.

    Again, I'm rusty. :D

  2. Yeah, I thought about that afterwards about timestamping the combat log. DI is physical damage and it does scale with strength/melee power. I would agree with you about PE before Mythic changed that DoT so that it cannot reproc until it's over. The thing about PE is that it's first tick hits instantly. Yeah, I didn't like that change.

    EA is in there already.

  3. It can't reproc? Man, when did they change that, it was awesome with instant first tick and ED. :S

    I guess DI is the way to go now.