Saturday, May 1, 2010

Testing and You - Tarelther's Take

There were some comments that took place over the last 2 city tests that bothered me to hear from other people testing. I'd like to take a moment to address some of these issues brought up.

Of course it's broken. It's a test. If it wasn't broken, we wouldn't need to test it and it would be live already. If Destruction got champions and Order didn't, it's not an undocumented feature. The patch notes state both sides should have 4 champions. Anything that occurs that is contrary to the design is a bug. It's not Mythic loves Destro and hates Order or vice versa. It's something that's not supposed to be happening. It's better for it to happen here than on Live. In a testing environment, it doesn't matter if it doesn't work because it doesn't affect the Live environment.

If you're getting rolled hard in every instance as an invader and the design states the invader should have the advantage, that's an imbalance. It's not a bug, but rather the original design not accomplishing it's goals. It's not Mythic loves Destro and hates Order. Also, the other side is not cheating. Or at least, it would be very stupid of them to be cheating with developers in their groups while they do it. If you are facing a group that completely outclasses you, don't complain about it. Watch what they are doing and learn from it. It's ok to bring up concerns if you think something may not be working as intended, but don't jump to that conclusion.

Try to keep your emotions in check. In designing this content, the developers are attempting to evoke certain feelings within the players playing through the content. You definitely want to let them know how you felt during the process. Sensationalizing bugs doesn't help anyone. It's ok to tell the developers that the experience is frustrating so they can adjust it, but it doesn't help if you blow up on them.

Testing is not always going to be fun. It can feel very rewarding to know that you played a part in making the game awesome though. To that end, I believe it is worth the frustration.

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