Saturday, May 22, 2010

Team Play - Communication - Need to Know Basis - Part 4

I'm going to go ahead and finish the communication series now in light of my playtime last night. My last 2 rules are the following: Keep communication on a need-to-know basis unless it's virtually impossible for you to lose, and save feedback on performance until after a battle is over.

I said I hate hearing silence more than anything on vent in a previous post. In second place is pointless crap that has nothing to do with what is happening. I was in a ToVL run last night, we kept wiping to boss 5 because we kept trivializing what we were doing. We didn't focus on what we were doing for awhile. Until we shut up and kept communication to what we were doing, we kept losing. This was a group of mostly veterans too. There was only one person who only had 2 or 3 runs under his belt. Pride always comes before a fall.

Save feedback on performance until after a battle is over. This means wait until after a wipe and while regrouping, or after the event is over. This is actually the most important form of communication in my opinion. This is what gets you better at the game. If you are going to get offended when someone points out something you did wrong or something you can get better at, then you best not play with me. Constructive criticism is the ONLY way you improve after a loss. If you're going to lose, at least learn something from it.

I can tell you, with my guild at least, that we aren't giving you that feedback because we hate you. If we hated you, we wouldn't care about your screw ups. (Oh god, I'm sounding like my parents.) We give feedback because we want you to improve. Likewise, you can give feedback about my play. I would like to improve my play all the time. I'll experiment with what you tell me. If it works, I use it. If not, I ignore it. School is never out for the pro.

I've got a low level SM guide I've almost finished. I'm still debating a few of the smaller points, but I have it mostly done. It goes through Tiers 1-3 and early Tier 4. I think Mykiel is coming out with a new video in his How to Survive WAR series later today. So definitely check it out.

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