Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Team Play - Communication - Basic Commands and Responses - Part 3

In part 2, I mentioned that vent can get pretty cluttered fast with everyone talking at the same time giving information. To reduce this possibility, you need to communication quickly and efficiently. I wanted to share my basic commands and responses that I use.

Basic commands for the Caller:

[enemy name] (enemy class) Everyone attack this target with intent to kill.

[player name] [enemy name] (enemy class) Specified player (and assigned guard/teammates) attack this player with intent to kill.

[player name] harass [enemy name] (enemy class) Specified player (team) attack this target, load him up with dots/debuffs/CC but do not attempt to kill. (It's fine if you do kill him, just don't blow all your AP to do so.)

Rally [location] Head to specific location once battle is over.

Move [location] Drop whatever you are doing and get to specific location ASAP.

Clean [player name] If the player name is a teammate, get the enemy away from that player by any means possible. If the player name is an enemy, separate that player from his teammates, especially his guard. Basically it means isolate that player from the enemy.

[player name] [command] Everybody (else) [command] Specified player complete this action while everyone else does this. Once player's task is complete rejoin the group. Specified player should acknowledge the command prior to completing his task if the task will separate him from the group. (For example to go capture an objective away from the group.)

Return / Come back. All players given a specific task stop all assigned tasks and return to the group's location immediately.

Wipe. Stop healing, die, and release ASAP.

Basic responses / information to give to caller.

Yes, sir / ma'am. Done. Back. "Yes, sir / ma'am" is used by a player to acknowledge a command when he / she is going to be separated from the group to complete the task. This lets the caller know to not worry about that player until the task is complete. The player will say "done" when the task is complete. If not given any new command, the player will locate the group and return ASAP. Once the player returns to the group, say "back" to inform the caller that you are back with the group.

Getting focused / spiked. Say this when you have enough players with enough DPS to kill you attacking you.

Getting worked. You have a couple players attacking you, but not enough to kill you unless they get more help.

Getting shutdown. You aren't going to die, but you are being snared, disoriented, AP drained, etc making it impossible for you to do anything. Usually only a healer would say this.

[number] (realm) [direction] This means you see this many players in a specific direction. It is presumed to enemy unless otherwise stated.

[number] (realm) from [direction/location] You see this many players charging at us from a specific direction or location. Again, presume enemy unless otherwise stated.

[number] (realm) towards [direction/location] You see this many players going this direction or you are reasonably sure they are going to a specific location. Again, presume enemy unless stated.

Staggered, punted, pulled, silenced, knocked down, snared, disoriented, AP drained, heal debuffed. You've just been hit by a specific type of CC. AP drained means you had a full or almost full bar and it's gone.

Staggering, punting, pulling, silencing, knocking down, snaring, disorienting, AP draining, heal debuffing [who you CC'ed]. You've just performed said CC against this target/group of targets. AP draining means a melee dps hit Force of Will to completely empty a certain enemy's AP bar. Don't call out snaring unless it's a morale (which cannot be broken).

I still expect players to make good judgment calls while I am calling. For example, if in going after the called target you expose yourself to focus fire, back off and say something. Or if you see a low target you can kill in 2 hits, kill him and then go to the called target. Or if you notice someone healing the called target, it's ok to jump on him and mess him up a little bit to make the kill easier.

More to come next time, which is whenever I get around it. Most of you know this by now though.

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