Friday, March 4, 2011

An Evening in the Black Garden

I played Rift during it's Head Start. No I didn't make 50. I'm no power gamer. I never will be. I did do a number of warfronts. Sadly, that's not really a viable way to level quickly at all. Solo questing combined with rifts and zone events as they come up is the winning combination for that. While leveling, PvP is source of some blue gear every 6-10 levels.

The PvP is quite fun though. I'm playing my Warrior as DPS using Champion, Paragon and Vindicator as my souls. If you've played an Arms Warrior in WoW, it will feel somewhat familiar. I got video of it. Enjoy! The music is from the soundtrack to Braveheart. It's shot in 1080p, so it's best if you head over to YouTube to see it.

It's well done, but it lacks WAR's depth imo until players start reaching higher prestige ranks. I like it though and it's fun. In the end, that's all that really matters.

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