Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Elite Mindset - I'd Rather It Be My Fault

So this is bothering me right now after reading some recent posts on the official forums and seeing some videos on YouTube.

First, the YouTube video. Get a load of this.

Does anyone else see the problems here? This guy is shooting a video of him in a scenario getting rolled complaining about premades vs pugs hoping to use it as evidence.

Here's what I have.

1. Clicking all his abilities. Really? You can't move effectively and still get off abilities if you do that. You get away with that in Tier 1, but in Tier 4 it's asking to get rolled.
2. Keyboard turning. It's always slower than mouse turning. Being slower than the opponent is a bad thing. It usually ends with hitting the respawn button.
3. Breaking the stagger on a healer without any assistance. Really? No one is going to kill a decent healing WP by himself.
4. Not immediately dumping rage when under focus fire. Berserk makes you take more damage. Berserk can be dropped by using one skill. Or if he's really using Wot Rules? without a pocket guard and healer...yeah.
5. Using potions when out of danger. Potions are to save your ass when you come under focus fire and your support needs a second to come to your aid. Potions keep you in the fight. He was clearly getting heals during the battle. Make it easier on your healers.

You know how I know all those things are problems? I've done them myself. (Minus the dumping rage part since SMs don't use that mechanic.)

Had he not done these things, his side could have very easily won that battle or at least made it more competitive.

The elite player would rather have it be his fault. If it's his fault, then he can fix the problem. He's focused on self-improvement. If it's not his fault, he can only blame others. He's focused on the flaws of others.

I'm not too proud to ask for help. I even put up a post about how I got started on this journey as the first post in this series. Heck, here's the thread I made asking for help on WHAlliance.

Here's the official forum thread in question. I requested a combat log from the OP to potentially see what the issue might be. Going by how the thread is going, I doubt he'll send me one. He'd rather complain that it's broken when he clearly has other issues under his control that could be easily fixed.

I'm done ranting for now. We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming next time.


  1. The video seems very much like something made after a few bad scenarios without much forethought.

    The author contradicts himself saying that it's fair play to them (the premade) if they get organised, get on a voice comm and play better than them. And then goes on to say that they (PuGs) should stand a chance even when they are clearly playing much worse and aren't organised. Why?

    He gets to the crux of the matter later, when he smartly concludes that there should be an option to pit PuGs against PuGs and premades against premades. Which is true in the case of scenarios, we need premade queues and it's something Mythic seems to be struggling with. But ORvR is ORvR and if you get rolled by an organised force it's clear you need to do the same, it's not that hard. Sitting in a corner sulking won't help.

    He plays on Karak Norn it seems (I recognise the guilds) and the scenario he was in wasn't even that bad. The premade they were up against wasn't the best and it could have been much worse (warcamp camping 8/10 times when a PuG meets a premade).

    It seems he hasn't played in a while so he seemingly isn't aware that the see-saw movement of one side dominating the other on Norn is something normal and one side owning isn't that common and it rarely lasts more than a couple of weeks.

    Karak Norn is in my opinion one of the most competitive servers out there, with some of the best organised groups. He should, as you note, first step up his game, find such an organised group and try the game then. It's a completely different experience.

  2. I completely agree with your conclusion, but I don't know if that's what necessarily seperates the "elite" from everyone else. I think the willingness to learn, and be open and honest about your gameplay is the START of beign competent. If a player is unwilling to even take that step, then their basis for complaint is relaged to trolling refuse.

    Perhaps this player wasn't aware of key-binding, mouse-turning, rage-dumping, or the importance of stagger. If, after educating the person, they refuse to listen and persist in past behaviors, THEN you know the player is a "scrub".