Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to solve the color puzzle on boss 7 ToVL everytime with no mistakes in 3 easy steps.

At the beginning of the puzzle, 6 players each have a debuff that can be 1 of 3 colors. There are always two of each color, 2 Red, 2 Green, and 2 Blue. If two different colors meet, one of them is removed according to a set pattern. If two of the same color meet, one of the players is killed instantly. For the purpose of this solution, knowing the exact removal pattern is not necessary.

Step 1. Have a red, green, and blue come together. Two of the colors will be knocked out, leaving two of one the colors, referred to as the duplicated color, and one of each of the two remaining colors, the unique colors.

Step 2. Have the unique colors each go to a different duplicated color. This will leave the duplicated color and one of the two unique colors.

Step 3. The two remaining colors come together to solve the puzzle.

Example. After step 1, you have 2 blues, a red and green left. The red should go to one of the blues and the green to the other. This will leave a blue and either a red or green. The final two colors come together to finish the puzzle.

No more wiping to the colors on this fight. Get it done!


  1. No, sorry. That's still f*cking confusing. I'll just let my GL call out who to give hugs to.

  2. Bah. Fine. I guess I'll just have to fraps it once.

  3. Well, never mind on that, it's changing anyway, so not a lot of point eh?

  4. For the new solution to this puzzle, just skip step 1, and you're good to go.