Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 handed tanking example - ToVL Boss 5

I took some video of my group's Vulture Lord run this week. This one took an hour between solo purgers and crashes, so we called it after this one.

Those who say the Swordmaster is weak are misguided. When people begin to realize that Elves in general are quite selfish, I think they'll be seen a bit differently. People ask for more group friendly abilities and that's not what Elves are in this game. My build for tanking is focused solely keeping myself up without overburdening healers and putting out as much DPS as possible while doing so to hold threat. This allows my DPS to go full blast without worrying about stealing hate.

If a Swordmaster dies to anything, it's usually his own fault. This is especially true in PvE.

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