Sunday, October 2, 2011

WAR Reboot - Affording the Necessities

So I haven't been leveling up my new character this week. I've been focused on another project. My 16/25 SM now has 200 Apothecary and 200 Cultivating. My alt is working on Butchering. I'm working on getting level 200 extenders, multipliers, stimulators, and stabilizers. The skill can be easily leveled, but leveling the plants takes some time or gold if the cultivating enhancers are used.

Some of the lower level potions sell, in particular the level 15 and 25 heal potions. I'm sure the 60 minute armor and stat potions do as well since I see them up all the time.

The potions make a huge difference in the lower Tiers. I didn't get it on fraps, (wish I did), but a level 11 witch elf jumped me while I was level 5 and I straight up owned her. She didn't come back. If you decide to make talismans instead, the potions are very worth it. Pop an absorb potion plus a regen potion plus a renown potion in Tier 1 and you can about double the amount of damage you can take once every 5 minutes. If you're fighting one on one, a molotov potion is a free dot you can use from range. If you have group chasing you, you can drop a snare potion to allow you to kite a little better. If someone is trying to cap an objective, a napalm or flame breath potion will stop that for awhile.

I like to have every advantage I can get, within the rules of course. Potions can give you that small edge. Try to have some on you at all times.

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  1. I've taken to carrying gluebombs on my SM (don't have enough cc to ignore options like this). I'd never thought of a use for napalm pots before you wrote this. Thanks!