Friday, October 8, 2010

Team Play - Warband Play - Live on the PTS Tuesday!

I'm going to be running a tightly organized warband for the PTS event on Tuesday, October 12th 2010 at 8:00 PM EDT/02.00 CET. Rather than just ramble on my blog about it, I thought I would just show you how my warband strategy works.

The original post is here.

I will have one of each type of warband group I talked about here, and I need you to fill the spots. I need you to leave a comment on my blog giving me the character name, class, and group type you want. Players in the PK alliance get priority. These are first come, first served after that. If you are late, I reserve the right to give your spot to someone else. I'll form the warband at about 7:30 PM EDT/01:30 AM CET.

If you impress me I might just have other opportunities for you. ;)

All tanks will be using Distracting Bellow as their morale. No exceptions.

Anvil group - The tanks in this group will be responsible for using Challenge and Hold the Line to protect the rest of the warband. This group will draw the battle lines for the fight.

Glory Knight - Auras are Gather Your Resolve, Now's Our Chance, and Stay Focused. Take Heaven's Fury, Now's Our Chance, and Focused Mending. Tactics are Rugged, Focused Mending, and Emperor's Ward. This will be played by me on Tarelsun. It's not that I don't trust anyone else with the stagger...Ok actually, yeah, that's why I'm doing it. I am also going to be rotating Challenge and Distracting Bellow.

Stone Ironbreaker - Take Oathbound and Oathstone. You'll mainly be Guarding and Oathfriending a Slayer that will be our bait. You'll need to make him tough as nails to kill. You will also rotate Challenge and Bellow. Tactics are Rugged and 2 others .

Khaine Swordmaster - Take Phoenix Wing and one other with 13 points in Khaine. Run Nature's Blade. Get those debuffs on the enemy as quick as you can. Tactics are Rugged and 2 others. Stay alive as best you can. I will likely be cross-guarding you.

Skavenslayer Slayer - Take Shatter Limbs and Inevitable Doom. Tactics will be Brute Force, Ancestral Inheritance and Riposte. You're mainly around for Shatter Limbs and to be a distraction.

Salvation Warrior Priest - Take Martyr's Blessing and Cleansing Power. Tactics are Cleansing Power, Discipline, and Emperor's Ward.

Grimnir Rune Priest - Take Ancestor's Echo and Master Rune of Adamant. Tactics are Discipline, Ancestor's Echo, and a wild card.

Hammer group - The melee assist train. This group will make their way to the back line and rip them apart one by one. Everyone will assist one person in this group.

Conquest/Vigilance Knight - Auras are Press the Attack, To Glory, To Victory. Take Encouraged Aim, To Glory and To Victory. Encouraged Aim affects everyone in the warband, so that is why it's used over Dirty Tricks. Tactics are Encouraged Aim and 2 others. Mainly try to stay alive.

Judgment Witch Hunter - Burn Away Lies and Fanatical Cleaning. Not like there's any other spec for a Witch Hunter at 30 anyway. ;) Brute Force, Fanatical Cleansing, Flanking.

Troll/Giant Slayer - Just kill single targets dead fast. Don't care how you do it.

Hunter White Lion - Pounce, Force Opportunity. Tactics: Brute Force, Flanking, Pack Synergy. Take as much advantage of the crit from the Nature's Blade debuff and Encouraged Aim as you can.

Warrior Priest - Don't care as long as you can heal the group well.

Isha Archmage - Take Mistress of the Marsh and whatever else you want from Isha. You make sure you can keep healing.

Bomb Group - This group will apply AoE pressure damage to negate group heals.

Brotherhood IB - The important thing is Earthshatter. Don't want those enemies getting away from the bomb do we? You will also buff the slayer in the group.

Conflag BW - AoE, AoE and more AoE. Don't really care how you do it.

Skaven Slayer - Shatter Limbs and Inevitable Doom. Go full out AoE DPS.

Engineer - As much AoE damage as you can dish out, be that Tinkerer or Napalm or w/e.

Warrior Priest - Again, just keep these guys alive.

Rune Priest - See Warrior Priest above.

Cannon group - Single target ranged DPS group. Blows up the front lines good. You'll all assist the same person.

Hoeth SM - Whispering Wind and one other thing from Hoeth. WW is used to help the DPS get their spike moves down.

Engineer - Single target - whatever you gotta do, but remember you'll be at range.

Bright Wizard - Immolation can take more advantage of WW, especially with Boiling Blood and the tactic to increase it's damage and drop it's delay to 5s. Withering Heat is nice for it too. Ignite, Boiling Blood, Withering Heat, rinse/repeat.

Shadow Warrior - Festerbomb away. WW removes the recast on Festering Arrow, so bomb to your heart's content.

Archmage and Rune Priest - Keep these guys alive. Add dps when you can, but heals first.


  1. I'll be on PTS on Tuesday and I'll join if you'll be in need of anything. I can basically play a tank, healer or a dps. I'll create and spec several characters before the test and give you a shout. :)

  2. So yeah. Traffic owned me for this. I took off work 2 hours early to pick up a new cable modem since mine was broken. There wasn't enough on to make it worth it anyway. I suppose there's a lesson in that.