Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Buffhead2 Settings

Buffhead2 is an amazing add-on that a guildmate of mine recently got me to use. Man, that thing is awesome. I don't have to look at the target frame to determine what effects my opponents and group members have. I've set it up so that I see all the major buffs that a character can have on him. This includes detaunts, Guard, Challenge, Distracting Bellow, Immaculate Defense, Absolute Preservation, CC immunites, LotD pocket items, and more.

I've uploaded the file so that all can use it. It only works for Order. The detaunt names would have to be changed to their Order equivalents to work for Destro. You'll need to place it in your WAR directory under user > settings > server name > character name > character name > Buffhead. So for me, it's under user > settings > Volkmar > Tarelther > Tarelther > Buffhead.

SavedVariables.lua file for Buffhead2

This is actually the version I use on my Knight. My SM uses one that filters out most of the Nature's Blade buffs because I really don't need to see those.  I like to see when I've taken initiative though so I know when I can go for the hard spike.

SavedVariables.lua file for Buffhead2 for SMs

It's made a huge difference for me. It makes the information I need to make decisions more easily available.

Props to Ze WAR for his 6v6 guide. Go read it. It's good stuff. I saw his mention of Buffhead2 and knowing how long it took me to setup mine, I figured others would appreciate the shortcut.

Update: Destro version of Buffhead2 settings


  1. Thx a bunch mate, struggling to improve my SM-ing and your blog gives great insperation :)
    Hadock on Karak-Azgal (EU)