Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Team Play - The 3T Group - The 3T Bomb

In the last part, I introduced a very important concept. Grouping players within a party together into teams simplifies communication and helps define roles easily. This will be important before I introduce warband tactics.

Just an an example, I'll go over how you'd use the 3T group as a pseudo-bomb group. It's still technically an anvil group.

For the split assist group, I split the group into two teams. The teams themselves won't change, but their names will because the tactics are different.

Team 1, Bomb Team: 2 suicide tanks, AoE DD, Healer
Team 2, Focus Team: DPS Tank, DPS or DPS Healer

The idea is the same as the PK Bomb Group. The bomb team applies pressure using AoE damage and the focus team mops up.

It's risky, and I wouldn't do it. But the point was to show that you can. I also wanted to reinforce the idea of taking focus off individual players and grouping them as teams.

There's really only two viable strategies for scenario play when you only get to control one group of the two. Those are the bomb group and the assist train. There's tons of variations on these ideas. I've only gone over a few non-traditional ones. The other group types that I use require at least a second group in order to be viable.

So next time, we'll get into what dwarven weaponry and warbands have in common.

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